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Zimro Delivery App

The all new “Zimro”. Delivery APP in Chennai, Sirkali, Chidambaram and Mayiladurai.Zimro is an online and mobile platform that helps customers to get things done. From simple to complicated tasks, Zimro helps to Delivery the foods, Snacks, Vegetables, Fruits, Juices, Meats, water can , Computer services and more.

Zimro Can do

We deliver food, bakery, groceries, vegetables, fruits, meat, flowers and medicines etc., Also we pick and deliver home food to students onto their schools. In addition, we deliver your packages, charges, keys etc.,
Place your orders with an option of online payment or cash on delivery. We offer our services through mobile apps for Android.
Express Delivery Services.
No Minimum order value.
Refer your friends get free Zimro Cash.

Download APP

Software Developements

Next ERA of innovations in Android apps @ Zimro .We develop a way out to your ideas and will assist you with your android application development project.Our team that stands out at every stage assuring you the best resulting business products.Zimro provides you the robust PAYROLL engine over cloud and can be deployed at client location with ZERO cost.We excel in ERP customizations for industry specfic requirements.Our ticket reservation apps are more customized with interactive UI .

1. Custom Application development

2. Rapid Application development

3. Low Cost Application development

4. Database Application development

5. IOS Application development


Face Recognition System

We provide the platform for face detection and recognition applications.Our team is open to helping all users from induvidual developers to Large corporations who partner with us.We pride ourselves on having unparelled accuracy!

Zimro Facial Recognition Services

Facial Recognition based Attendance for Schools and Corporations.
Smart Video Surveilance
Finding Missing Persons
Protect law enforcements
Identify people counts.

Facial Recognition Our sample video